Customer focus

The journey of people through your spaces has a beginning, middle and an end.

Inconsistencies in brand, space or operation result in confusion or frustration over the course of the journey which is bad for customers and business.

We are skilled at identifying inconsistencies and making actionable recommendations.


Legible spaces

Your spaces should make sense to a first time visitor.

. . . does the front door look like a front door?
. . . is the front door located in the expected location?
- but then, there are exceptions!



Keeping true to your brand values in physical spaces requires multiple design disciplines and skillsets beyond just following the Brand Guidelines which are mostly written for print, marketing and digital applications, but not applicable when applied to property and other physical assets.

Our team members are experienced and sensitive to what is important about brand guidelines. We are skilled at the interpretation, extension and application of brands into physical spaces aligned with your operation, spaces and budget. 




On occasion, how your business operates doesn’t make sense to your customers.

Consequently, either business operation, space or brand message needs to change, but which one?
We’re skilled at finding the most effective compromise.